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Our students are like you—they live in the real world. That means obligations and demanding schedules can complicate plans of going back to school. But at NAU we offer the support you need to reach your goals with flexible study options, personal advising and relevant degree programs in today’s top industries including accounting, business, information technology, healthcare, nursing and legal studies. 

For grandmother and mother of five, Missy, working to support her family complicated her path to earning her degree. But after 20 years in the medical field she decided to make a change for her family. “I want to leave a legacy for all my grandkids,” she said. For Missy, her reason for going back to school was her family. So, what’s your reason for going back to school? Get started today and turn your reason into a reality.

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"Everyone has a right to a college education. That's why we offer numerous opportunities to help you earn your degree whether online, at a campus, or both."


What's your reason?

My reason for going back to school: PROMOTION

 You’re ready to start your next chapter. With our flexible study plans and relevant degree programs, you can start now and earn the skills you need for real world success. 

My reason for going back to school:

Your career ambitions are uniquely your own. With our flexible study plans, relevant degree programs personal advising, so are your options. 

My reason for going back to school:

We understand family obligations are not only your first priority, but also your motivation for earning your degree. That's why we offer flexible study options and a personal advisor to help you find the degree program that is right for you. With all this support we help you reach your goals while still taking focus on your family.

My reason for going back to school:

You’ve been living in the real world. So have we. That’s why at NAU we offer flexible study options, relevant degree programs and all the support you need. So you don’t have to miss out on the change you need. 

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